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"...Before I came to Dr. Ottone, I was taking 6 Aleve per day, not sleeping and had numbness in both legs.  In less than one month, I am taking no medication, the numbness is gone and I am sleeping like a baby! I am so happy." 

~ F.M.  age 51   


"... This morning I woke in extreme pain radiating through my back, right up to my shoulder. After a visit to Dr. Ottone I felt instantly better. He offered me great advice and as a result I just got back from a 3 1/2 mile run and feel amazing!

This is why I recommend him to everyone."

~ M.J.  age 40


"...Dr. Ottone is different than every other chiropractor I have met in the past.  He is very gentle and he takes the time

to explain what is going on with my body.  His techniques are gentle enough for a newborn baby. That is why I have brought

all 4 of my children to Dr. Pete since they were born and have had amazing results."

~ M.C. age 30




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