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Fall Cleanup Do's & Don'ts

Fall Yard Cleanup:

5 Do's and Don'ts

Fall can be busy for homeowners. Time to rake the leaves, clean the gutters and get the yard ready for winter. But all that rushing about can spell trouble if you're not careful. And an injury is the last way anyone wants to start the winter!

To help you stay safe, follow these do's and don'ts:

DO: Warm up for at least 10 minutes before raking or starting other heavy exercise.*

DON'T: Bend at the waist. To avoid back strain, bend at the knees and squat to pick up heavy items. Avoid twisting your back.

DO: Wear shoes with slip-resistant soles.

DON'T: use a ladder or operate yard equipment if you take medications that can make you drowsy.**

AND ~ DO: Choose tools that are easy to grasp and use, especially if you have arthritis.

*If you have heart, lung or other health problems, check with your doctor before doing heavy exercise.

**Always have someone hold the ladder still. Do not use a ladder if you tire easily, have balance issues or are taking blood thinners.

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